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Last Resort application

Player Information
Your name/pseudonym: Kathryn
Are you 18 or older at the time of this application? Yes
What gender pronouns do you prefer?: She/her
Your email: lordofthefries@wwdb.org
Your chat handles: AIM: thspoofmaster
Do you currently have any other characters in this game? If so, please list them here: None yet.

Character Information
Name: Papageno (Pah-pah-gay-noh)
Nickname/aliases: n/a
Canon (e.g. Harry Potter/Firefly/Star Trek): The Magic Flute
Canon Type (e.g. book, movie, television show, play)?: Opera
Character's LJ: der_vogelfanger
Brief history of your character (100-200 word minimum):
On the whole, Papageno has led a quiet life--indeed, the life of a country bumpkin. He has lived most of his life in a straw hut in the countryside, and is more or less unaware of the world outside the valley in which he resides. He catches birds for the mysterious Queen of the Night, who sends her servants to receive the birds and to pay him in food. Papageno lives alone, but he's known throughout the area.
His quiet country life is interrupted when, one day, a prince named Tamino has a brush with a giant serpent, which is killed by the queen's servants, and mistakes Papageno for his savior. Papageno does not deny the prince's praise, and is punished for lying by the queen's servants when they return. To make matters worse, he's soon dragged into Tamino's quest to save the queen's daughter, Pamina, from a man named Sarastro. Papageno desperately does not want to go with the prince, but a bribe/insurance of safety in the form of a set of magic bells is enough to convince him, and the two set out together under the guidance of three celestial boy spirits.
Tamino and Papageno are separated along the way, and Papageno is the first to reach the temple where Pamina is being held prisoner. He identifies her as the queen's daughter and attempts to sneak her out, but the two are caught by Sarastro's lieutenant, Monostatos. They escape again with the help of the magic bells given to him by the servants of the Queen of the Night, only to encounter Sarastro himself and all his court and be recaptured anyhow. Tamino, meanwhile, is caught by Monostatos, and he and Papageno are separated from Pamina, blindfolded, and sent to face they know not what in Sarastro's temple.

Age: Late twenties
Appearance (please be sure to include any distinguishing traits that you want other characters to notice, .e.g. scars, eye color, particular jewelry): Papageno has dark eyes and a narrow face with short, dark hair. He also happens to have a number of green, blue, and red feathers growing amongst his hair and on his body, as well as spots of similar colors on his face (unlike in the icons, though, he is totally wearing clothes, I promise). He wears a set of panpipes on a string around his neck, and is an inch or two shorter than the average human male.
Icon (100x100 pixels, preferably textless, good quality icon for cast list):

Brief synopsis of your character's personality (100 word minimum):
Papageno has a good and gentle soul, but he can be a trifle difficult to get on with. He brags and lies when he thinks he can get away with it, almost never shuts up (particularly not when asked or told to), and thinks nothing of insulting or gossiping about a person even when he or she within earshot. He shies away from danger and heroics, preferring to run or hide--or better yet, not get involved in the first place. When pressed, however, Papageno can be resourceful. His emotions tend to run high, though, so in an emergency he's more likely to panic or complain about the unfairness of his life than anything else. He has little to no interest in philosophy or higher learning, and lacks ambition for anything other than finding a girl to settle down with. He's superstitious, too, which is understandable given that he does come from a world where magic is both real and generally out of his own reach.
For all his faults, Papageno does have a good moral sense, and is able to pull himself together well enough to aid Tamino in his quest to retrieve Pamina (even if he does make it very clear that he would rather be elsewhere). He is self-serving, but certainly not at the expense of the well-being of others.

Game Information
What is the point of your character's canon in which you are introducing your character? (Year, after or during book #/comic issue/television episode, etc.) : At the end of Act I, when Papageno and Tamino are taken into the temple.
Is your character alive or dead at the point of entry to the game?: Alive.
What skills does your character have?:
Bird-catching using nets and panpipes
Imitating birdcalls
Taming wild birds
Cage-making and basket-weaving
Basic home repairs
Basic cooking
Anti-skill: Papageno is functionally illiterate
When your character is shown to his/her room, he/she will find 10 personal items, which the Island has supplied. These things can only be what they would typically have in canon. Please, list those 10 items here. (Clothing need not be included as it is automatically provided. Any special articles of clothing, however, e.g. a team uniform, must be listed):
Set of magic bells (sans magic)
Tools and materials for building and repairing nets and cages

Entrance Post

Without a doubt, Papageno had been having the absolute worst time of his entire life. It was all Tamino's fault, too, with his princess and his rescue mission and his going after Sarastro. Papageno wished he'd never even left his hut that morning, let alone run into some crazy prince with a death wish. It hadn't been so bad when he'd had the magic bells to protect him--and for a while there, things had even been going well. He'd found Pamina and gotten her out of the temple while Tamino was off being lost or whatever it was the prince was doing when they got separated, and all they'd had to do was find Tamino and they could have gone home.

Home! Forget all this stuff about heroism. He missed his straw hut. He missed his birds. Sure, he'd only been gone for a day, but it was starting to look like he might not ever make it back. He and Tamino had been grabbed by those priests and blindfolded before being led (or in Papageno's case, dragged) into the dark cellars of the temple. They'd taken the bells, too, and Tamino's magic flute.

Oh, why had he ever agreed to come?! Other than the bribery and the death threats from the servants of the queen...on further reflection, those had been good reasons. But not good enough!

The priest dragging Papageno along let go of him, and he stumbled and fell to the floor. This was it, then. Bye-bye Papageno. He wondered if they were going to roast him before they ate him, or just make a Papageno pot pie. He cringed, awaiting the inevitable.

Nothing happened. Or something happened, but he didn't know what. The sensation of time passing, of sleep, passed over him, though there was no way he could have gone and taken a nap when there was a priest probably standing right over him with a butcher knife. They hadn't had butcher knives earlier, of course, but he could have gone and gotten one. Papageno stirred as if awakening, still blinded by the cloth tied around his head.

"Tamino?" he called tentatively, hoping the prince was near. No reply came, and Papageno lay there and shook for a minute or two, wallowing in a mixture of self pity and terror. He'd told the ladies this would happen! 'The prince will protect you,' they said. 'Stop being such a coward, Papageno,' they said. And now he was alone and Tamino had abandoned him, just like Papageno had told them he would.

"Tamino!" he shouted again as he sat up. It didn't occur to him to take the blindfold off of himself just yet.

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